How to get a good photo of your doggo…

Sometimes it’s difficult to get them to be still for a photo!

My sister brought home an adorable Cane Corso puppy about two weeks ago. 

I was trying to get him to sit still for a photo because he is going to make a great subject for my next painting. 

Well, with all the excitement of just being 10 weeks old, John Wayne wasn’t about to sit still for a photo. He is all teeth at this point and the more I tried to get him to look at my camera, the more he avoided my pleas.

My son captured the best photo of this tired puppy

I think Jesper has watched me paint so many portraits that he even knew the best angle to shoot from! He waited until John Wayne was tired of tug-o-war and teething on his toys to capture this fabulous shot. Thankfully the cloudy day lighting was in his favor!

You know your dog better than anyone

I have learned that a dog’s idea of when they want to be photographed usually isn’t when it’s convenient for me, but it is so worth the wait. Offering a treat and having them look up at the treat past the camera makes for some cute shots!

Sometimes I receive photos that are hard to see details. A black lab on a black leather couch in a dimly lit room for example will not produce a beautiful clear portrait. This is not ideal… I look at the photo and try to paint what I see, so a good photo is important. 

Photograph your pet on a clear day with natural light, or use contrasting background colors. The black dog on a light blue background would be a good choice, or a dog with white fur on a black background.

And if they’re anything like my sister’s puppy, nap time provides great photo opportunities!

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